WTC - WP - Game Mat with Measurements(60"x44")

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Updated for Pariah Nexus 10th Edition.

Same mats and designs used in WTC!

Designed by Wargame Print. These mats are perfect for gaming in a new edition in the dark millenium, WP Game mats are sized to be 60 inches long and 44 inches wide. (154x112cm) 

It comes with all the lines you need for quick games for the current edition as well!

Available in many patterns and made from durable PVC material, WP mats are lightweight to carry around and good looking to play on.

Note: Mats are shipped in their own special boxes and are subject to their unique shipping rates.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Makes set up easy

Bought the map after seeing it on WTC coverage. Saves so much time setting up the game. No need to layout dice to mark deployment zones, the inches marked on the sides makes it easy to locate objective markers and place terrain. Yeah there are other things that can speed up this process as well but having it all on the map is a plus as you do not have to carry other things as well. A great product.

Kaleb Wagar
Fantastic mat for a dedicated player

I wish the material was a bit thicker and not the paper/plastic version. However, in an actual game, once all the pieces are setup, it's very little issue

Oliver W.
WTC - Game Mat

Great produkt, and excellent customer-service. I Love the Mat. What elve could I say. 5 Stars!

Loïc Delort

Game mat with measurements is optimum for wain a time.