The Ninth Corporate - Base Only

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For those who already have have the terrain, now you can run "The Ninth Corporate" terrain on your tables!

"The Ninth Corporate - Base Only" set provides you with the following list of bases for your terrain pieces which allow you to run the current corporate terrain line.

* 4 of 12"x12" piece

* 2 of 10"x5" piece

* 4 of 6"x4" piece

You can choose between dozens of material and pattern combinations that fits your table and terrain perfectly.

For Forex options, the bases comes with slots which allow you to place your existing WY terrain in a tight fit, so your terrain is secure in place against accidental nudges!

For PVC options, the bases come as one sheet where you can cut it in a few minutes to make them ready for battle!

Custom work is possible for this product, send a message to our Facebook Page for inquiries.

This product comes pre-painted and dissassembled. It is made out of durable Forex foamboard or PVC sheet or Mousepad material depending on customer choice. Final product may be slightly different in design and pattern due to changes in production method.