The Imperial Palace

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Terrain 2.0 "Imperial Palace" is our massive terrain set that brings siege warfare to your tabletop!

Made specifically so you can have a ready to use fortress in your games. The Imperial Palace stands at a mighty 8" in height and over 54" in width side by side!

The Imperial Palace includes

1x Star Fort Section that allows you to assemble your terrain in any angle you want.

3 x Wall Sections with ramparts

1 x Gate Section with ramparts

And just like the rest of the Terran 2.0, The Imperial Palace can be assembled and dissassembled easily for easy transport and storage.

This product comes painted and dissassembled. It might also look slightly different from the images due to changes made for assembly and production improvements.

It is possible to add custom logo or artwork to your product, send us a message through our Facebook page for inquiries.