Medium Terrain Pack - Type 2

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Terrain 2.0 "Medium Terrain Pack Type 2" is excellent for players who want have a table of terrain that has an average density, not too barren and not too crowded.

Medium Type 2 includes,

3 x "3-Storey Ruin"

2 x "L-Wall"

2 x "Corner Ruin"

with your choice of pattern to create a table to simulate a ruined landscape.

You can see our texture pack in detail here.


This product comes pre-painted and dissassembled.  It is made out of durable Forex foamboard.  All the windows shown are produced as only half cut off, you can choose to not remove them. Final product may be slightly different in design and pattern due to changes in production method. It is possible to add custom logo or artwork to your product, send us a message through our Facebook page for inquiries.