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Our Container is now available as it's own pack!

Made in the signature WY style that comes pre-painted where you can assemble without any glue (and dissassemble when you want to pack up) is a great addition for anybody who wants to add sturdy ruins to your collection. 

You can see our texture pack in detail here.

(ASSEMBLY GUIDE HERE) (Updated for 10th edition)

Containers Rules-Size; (WTC Compatible)

Terrain Category: Obstacle
Terrain Traits: Light Cover, Scaleable, Exposed Position

Length: 5"
Width: 2,5"
Height: 2,5"

Containers  includes;

12 or 24 or 48 - "Containers" s of the color pattern of your choice.

This product comes pre-painted and dissassembled. It is made out of durable Forex foamboard. Final product may be slightly different in design and pattern due to changes in production method.

 It is possible to add custom logo or artwork to your product, send us a message through our Facebook page for inquiries.