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Updated for 10th Edition.

Designed by Wargame Print. These mats are perfect for gaming in a new edition in the dark millenium, WP Game mats are sized to be 60 inches long and 44 inches wide. (154x112cm) 

It comes with all the lines you need for quick games for the new edition as well! 

Available in many patterns and made from durable PVC material, WP mats are lightweight to carry around and good looking to play on.

Note: Mats are shipped in their own special boxes and are subject to their unique shipping rates.

Customer Reviews

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John Fuhrmann-Gibson
PVC is lightweight, but..

The quality of the PVC mat is top, but.. it's PVC. I didn't read the description where it is clearly stated, but I was oblivious to the fact that they even made gaming mats in this material. And i'm still not sure i understand why; yes, it is lightweight, but highly impractical in every other thinkable way. Not due to WT quality, mind you!

I would personally prefer neoprene material ; it's quality, feels better, doesnt move about the table and most importantly, the corners stay down.

I love love the deployment lines on this mat though, which does warrant a few stars. I liked it that much that i decided to keep the most in spite of the material where i glued it to my portable wartable.