World Team Championship - WTC - All-N-1 Pack

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World Team Championship - WTC - All-N-1 Pack  is our terrain pack that is specifically designed for WTC with its own special patterns made just for WTC!

This pack allows you to build all the WTC Tables in the WTC Map Pack.

Made in the signature WY style that comes pre-painted where you can assemble without any glue (and dissassemble when you want to pack up) is a great pack that allows you to create all the WTC maps in the WTC Terrain Packs here. You can assemble the ruins in both "L shaped" and "Reverse-L shaped" so have no worries when it comes to there as well!

The All-N-1 Pack come with all the necessary parts neeeded to field every WTC Table.

(ASSEMBLY GUIDE HERE) (Updated for 10th edition)

World Team Championship - WTC - All-N-1 Pack includes ;

6 x "Three Storey Ruin"

8 x "Corner Ruin"

4 x "Container" (Small)

10 x  [12"x6"] "Terrain Base/Footprint" [OPTIONAL]

And 6x  WTC tokens along with other assorment of tokens!

Three Storey Ruin Rules-Size;

Terrain Category: Ruin
Length: 9"
Width: 5"
Height: 9"

Note: This terrain piece comes in with removable windows, but since WTC will use them without windows they are shown as windows closed.

Corner Ruin Rules-Size;

Terrain Category: Ruin

Length: 9"
Width: 5"
Height: 5,01"

Container (Small) Rules-Size;

Terrain Category: Armoured Container

Length: 5"
Width: 2,5"
Height: 2.5"

Footprint Size; 12"x6"  

This product comes pre-painted and dissassembled. It is made out of durable Forex foamboard. All the windows shown are produced as only half cut off, you can choose to not remove them. Final product may be slightly different in design and pattern due to changes in production method.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
DS Caves
What can i say...

Only 4 games in, but lovin it. Durable, light and looks great. Couldn't ask for more.

Convenient and Functional Terrain

Such a breeze to use and pack away. Quality is great and crisp

John Fuhrmann-Gibson
Great terrain

Love the terrain. It had a few imperfections, but it was minimal. It's light-weight, looks good and feels great during play. 20/20 would buy again.

Andreas Bylger
Great Terrain set

Good quality and an easy way to get a complete terrainset for your warhammer game table. Easy to assemble and easy to store at home

Parquet Pierre

World Team Championship - WTC - All-N-1 Pack